DevBlog: Lex Klusman

This post comes to you from one of BA2’s artists. They are going to give us a walkthrough detailing some of their work for Shepherd’s Sky. Hey! I’m Lex, thanks for checking out my DevBlog. During the course of developing this game with my team, I’ve worked on concept art, modeling, rigging, texturing, and animations… Continue reading DevBlog: Lex Klusman

DevBlog: Connor Davis

This post comes to you from the team’s lead programmer, Connor! He is going to give us an awesome look at some of the mechanics he’s worked on! Hey everyone! I’m Connor Davis, the Programming Lead at BA2, and I’m here to talk a bit about what I’ve been working on for our game, Shepherd’s… Continue reading DevBlog: Connor Davis

DevBlog: Jacob Schwitzer

This post comes to you from one of BA2‘s programmers, Jacob! He is going to give an awesome walkthrough on some of the work he does for the game! Pōsōh (Hello)! Thanks for stopping on by at our humble little blog, we really appreciate your interest in our game, Shepherd’s Sky. In an effort to… Continue reading DevBlog: Jacob Schwitzer

DevBlog: Cozy Dumas

This post comes to you from the team’s producer, Cozy! She is going to give us an update on where the game is, and some of the code she worked on! Howdy! I’m Cozy, a programmer for BA2 and the team producer. An idea came up in the last semester to help give people a… Continue reading DevBlog: Cozy Dumas

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